These are the people who lived and remember the history.  These memories are irreplaceable, and become even more valuable as our family members age. It’s important for future generations to understand who they are  and where they came from. How better to do this than by sharing the fabric of your family’s history?

Scattered pictures – We all have boxes and drawers full of old photos and portraits. Relatives long gone, whose place in family history, whose story, has faded from memory. Maybe there is an old diary, or a stack of dusty letters that could speak volumes about the lives and values of our loved ones.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to share some of these emotional snapshots?

There is a way to bring all this together, to provide your family with a unique window into the past. Preserve your family’s history on a DVD with a professionally produced custom video documentary.  These videos are wonderful gifts to your family. They are perfect for showing at special family gatherings and events, often bringing out the laughter as well as the tears.


Every family has a story… and every family has it’s storytellers.